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We specialize in Canadian products such as functional glass art by artists like Korey Cotnam, Nish, Tubby, Shockwave, Whiteflame, Hippo, and Stratisphere. We also carry many American made brands such as Jerome Baker Designs, HVY, Galaxy, and RooR.



In celebration of our new online presence, we are offering a Giveaway: You could win a Bubbler/Rig from the Jerome Baker Designs exclusive Canadian line worth $140.00. To enter simply visit our Facebook, twitter, and/or instagram page and like or follow us. If you like all 3 we'll even give you 3 entries.



See the map on our contact page and come visit us downtown today!



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 phone:  +1 (519) 432 HEMP (4367) | fax: 1 (519) 432 1618 |  email:  info@organictraveller.ca

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