About the Store


The Organic Traveller first opened as Hemp Nation in St. Thomas, Ontario in 1996 as one of Canada's first headshops.  The store was moved to London, Ontario, Canada in 1999 and is currently located at 344 1/2 Richmond Street.  We offer a variety of smoking essentials and accessories including pipes, water pipes, hookahs, vaporizers, oil rigs, grinders, storage, books, and the best selection of papers in town. We also carry a variety of hemp products. We love to support, local business and education.

We specialize in Canadian products such as functional glass art by artists like Korey Cotnam, Nish, Tubby, Shockwave, Whiteflame, Hippo, and Stratisphere. We also carry many American made brands such as Jerome Baker Designs, HVY, Galaxy, and  RooR.

We offer a full line of vaporizers from table top to portable to pen style vapes.  We also carry add-ons, accessories and replacement batteries and cartridges for most models. 


 We have a new collection of concentrate items including rigs, nails, domes, dishes and silicone, dabbers, torches and enails.

Our hemp products include clothing, bags, shoes, necklaces, wicking, strings and twine for crafting. 


We have a knowledgeable staff, and love to support local business.  We also carry many educational books and DVDs.

Organic Traveller Storefront